Изработка на мобилно приложениеIn the dynamic society, which we live in, the actual development of a company website is no longer sufficient. The traffic by consumers, using smartphones and tablets, is growing progressively with every passing day. GCH Digital advertising agency is developing its activity in this direction, by creating mobile applications for companies,that are compatible with all devices.

The agency offers conception and applications development for all types of operating systems – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.Apps, created by GCH Digital, will help increase the traffic and popularity of your brand. As a part of our services, we offer also development of “push notification” messages – sending messages to customers about news and promotions from the company. Our specialists are specialized in working with the latest trends in Java and Android SDK languages.

When ordering a mobile application to the agency, you will also get full access to an administration panel, which you can easily manage from and maintain the application. The simple panel interface allows full view of usability results and application functionality control

The mobile apps could be promoted by linking your site or placing it in the App Store, Play Store, and Windows Marketplace. Every current or future GCH Digital customer has the option of choosing a mobile version of the site with visual interface interpretation of the operating system.

Our advertising specialists keep up with the latest trends in the industry in order to apply their knowledge fully to the service of customers, offering innovative and efficient solutions. The final product, which the agency offers, is distinguished by modern and stylish design, range of colors, consistent with the logo and the colors of the company and a huge number of functionalities. GCH Digital takes the developments of mobile applications to a new level thanks to the years of experience and technical expertise of web designers and marketing specialists.