BGStart.netBGStart.net is an information portal, summarizing excellently positioned sites (subdomains) in the online area with different themes and subject of activity. Each of the thematic subdomains attracts targeted users with current and interesting content and useful links.

The new conception of BG Start Group includes a huge network of thematic subdomains, in which, thanks to the local search with a map, everyone could find the closest business in the respective location with just one click.

The quality and well-optimized information saves the user’s search time in the immense Internet world and at the same time guarantees fast returns to the advertisers due to targeted highly-efficient traffic from readers

In the information portal the users will find over 80,000 useful and relevant links, constantly growing monthly visits, and excellent SEO optimization of the subdomains.

The guaranteed benefits of selecting BGStart.net for advertisers are:

  • Highly targeted visits, leading to secure sales
  • Online presence in a place where will be highly recognizable to consumers
  • Rapid returns on ad spend.

The information portal is the place, where the team of the GCH Digital advertising agency publish PR articles written to customers in the relevant subdomains, according to the thematic of the article. Here’s complete list of thematic subdomains for the site BGStart.net

Here is the list of our new subdomains, sorted by branch with local search.