Спинор БългарияThe traditional medical perceptions of human health treat diseases of the physical body as a result of changes in the energy and information body of man. The torsional (information) component of the electromagnetic radiation influences the energy and information body of the human being, which is a prerequisite to talk with reason about the energy information influence and the need for energy information protection.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals around the world, non –profit , and the International Research Fund (IRF), GCH Digital has begun a purposive work on building a stable system in which its loyal clients to be well – informed of everything that affects negatively their healthy lifestyle.

GCH Digital directs its efforts to secure fulfill life of its customers without the harmful effects of new and fast-evolving technologies that surround people everywhere – at home, at the office, and at leisure. This is why GCH Digital is committed to promoting and distributing all Spinor brand products and, as their official importer, aims to support the result-orientated actions to combat the harmful effects of the modern technologies.

GCH Digital recommends the Forpost-1 device as an extremely reliable instrument of protecting people from the harmful effects of torsion or information components of electromagnetic radiation on personal computer monitors, televisions and electronics as a whole.

GCH Digital recommends the “Spinor” sticker as an easy way to protect against the negative influence of information components of electromagnetic radiation on mobile phones, radiotelephones, MP3 players, laptops and other electronic devices.

GCH Digital recommends the “Vernada Geo” device in order to neutralize the impact of harmful emissions of Wi-Fi systems, wireless networks, and geo-pathogenic areas which apartments, offices and other premises are located on, in order to protect people against the harmful influence of radiation.