Biz-Ads.euBiz-ads.eu is an innovative ad network, displaying ads on over 5,000 Bulgarian web Sites, some of which reach 2 mil visitors daily. The benefits of our network over the rest of industry are:

  • Low cost per click – You only pay for real people, who visit your site, showing an interest in it.
  • Enormous range – with the help of Biz-ads.eu your advertisement has the opportunity to reach a huge customer flow even with minimum monthly budget
  • Accurate assessment of the targeted group – ad campaign targeting could be related to interest groups, sex, age, geographic location.
  • A variety of ad formats – Biz-ads.eu offers a wide range of different campaign formats.
    • Banner advertising
    • Text advertising
    • Press releases
    • Advertising articles
    • Event coverage
    • Е-mail BIZ-ADS

Biz-ads- eu’s ads are displayed both in large online portals and in those with few but strictly targeted and almost constant users. It is precisely this mix of target audience that raises the advertising network as a leading platform for small and medium-sized companies in our country.

The campaigns organized by Biz-ads marketing experts are managed in a way that simultaneously bring serious traffic to the company site without the use of huge advertising budgets. Every client of our ad network gets quick and accurate results at any time of the campaign duration and the opportunity to calculate the returns of the invested funds. In this way, the customers spend correctly the preliminarily planned budgets and do not waste time, nerves or money due to lack of views.

The long experience and practice of our specialists in this branch offer the opportunity to show our partners the best possible service for them in the field of internet advertising. The Biz-ads.eu ad network currently offers promotional discounts to current and future customers from additional views and, as a result, more visits from real users to the website.