Създаване на уеб съдържаниеGCH Digital Copywriting – creative content with a guarantee for quality

The professional copywriters of GCH Digital advertising agency are specialized in creation of quality and entertaining web contents for sites (copywriting). Every current or future client of the agency has the opportunity to choose a huge number of sub services to the copywriting:

  • Creation of keyword –optimized and unique content (all the texts from our copywriters are more than 90% unique based in accordance with Advego Plagiatus software)
  • Writing of articles. texts, reviews and reports for sites.
  • Addition of product information for online stores
  • Writing and formation of blog articles (addition and optimization of photo material)
  • Translation and editing of articles from/to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages.
  • Editing of the already written articles- linguistic, stylistic and orograph correction.
  • Writing of PR articles for every branch with goods or services
  • Writing of press releases.

The texts and the web content, produced by GCH Digital copywriters, are distinguished by perfect language literacy, stylistically and graphically tailored to the latest trends in the field and easy user readability.

The copywriting’s style is memorable and helps optimize every type of site, thanks to the use of specific techniques, consistent with the new Google requirements. When ordering a copywriting service from our team, you will get interesting and original texts in short deadlines.

What do we need to be careful when writing SEO texts?

Of particular importance are the key words, which will optimize the content, they have to be between 2 and 5 %. The saturation of the text with key words and phrases could significantly reduce its positioning in the Google rankings or other searches and even lead could lead to a more serious punishment like subtraction from the results in the SERP. The texts that GCH Digital experts write are formed in a way that prevents penalties and drop in search engine rankings (Panda and Penguin updates).