Маркетингови стратегииThe marketing research is an essential necessity for any self-respecting company

GCH Digital Advertising agency has been improving its skills in developing profitable marketing strategies over the years. The marketing process is a generalizing process of analysis selection and realization of the main ideas and objectives of the respective company. Each business development strategy, prepared by the agency’s marketing specialists, follows the following reference points

  • Preliminary analyzes and market segmentation in the respective niche
  • Identification and structure of the preliminary set marketing budget
  • Strategy development for the marketing plan
  • Development of marketing management systems for planning and control.

The GCH Digital marketing strategies are pooled around the motto, that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, which the company is targeted towards. Our expert teams provide complete statistical data on strategy development throughout the duration of the contract. At this point the client could model the campaign at his/her discretion, give ideas, that our team will realize or change the type of the strategy.

The satisfaction of the target groups of each company is achieved in three main ways according to the procedure of the agency

  1. Market segmentation – in order to differentiate a major share of a particular market segment
  2. Mass marketing – with main goal – an important sales increase (rarely used in our days because of the high competition in most of the spheres)
  3. Multiple segmentation – a combination of the first two methods in order to maximize the profits.

The GCH Digital marketing specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience in order to make a profitable segmentation algorithm, as well as to define the exact market segments for the concrete company. Some of the core marketing strategy, used by the agency, are:

  • Internet marketing
  • Sale and distribution of products
  • Pricing
  • Resource allocation
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Product development
  • Competition analysis

The main task of our advertising specialists is to select the most optimal solutions for reducing the budget and redistributing it to the respective niches of the strategy. GCH Digital is amongst the leading agencies in Bulgaria in the development of complex marketing activities, leading to increased sales and customer flow of each company in every branch of the country.