SEO оптимизация

SEO optimization by GCH Digital – stairs to the front positions in Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the optimization represents a strategy for improvement of the positions in the search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex) – compilation of details, helping the process of development of the site. The different types of sites suppose different “system” of optimization depending on the field, they are aimed to.

The indexing of the sites is obtained by scrawling the so called “crawlers” – specialized software, which sorts the indicated information and provides it to the database of the respective search engine. Google had worked out nearly 300 factors, which play their role at the assessment of the SERP ratings. Amongst them the most important and well-known are: authority of domain, authority of the target page, unique content, the number of internal and external links, their quality and relevance, PR (Page Rank) of the site.

Well –known fact is that SEO doesn’t have precise formula, which has to be followed, although in recent times on the market could be found an increasing number of textbooks, different kind of courses, lectures and seminars are held.

In recent times the huge influx of web sites ensures more work for the SEO specialists in Bulgaria and worldwide. Each user is searching for opportunities for fast development and positioning on first place according to the relevant keywords. The first class SEO optimization however represents slow, hard and labor-intensive process, mainly as regards the niches with big competition. Usually the first results in accordance with the preliminary set keywords, could be seen after an initial period not lesser than three months. In order to be absolutely successful the process of optimization with correctly executed strategy by the specialist, is needed minimum one year.

The optimization of one site however could never “sleep” – Google and the other searches unceasingly develop and improve their services, obligating in this manner the specialists in the field to maintain consistency in their work. These new algorithms of the Internet giant give a great advantage to the exceptionally unique contents at the cost of the number of external links to the site – tendency considered as an absolutely must into the process of optimizing.

Today into the Google SERP could be noticed sites, which maintain high positions almost without any links, indicating to them. The interesting and user-friendly content itself “optimizes” the site, generating traffic and reducing the Bounce rate degree. The importance of the optimization from marketing point of view on a global scale will increase in the future. The statistical surveys indicate that the number of the online stores, wishing to promote the products on Internet, is increasing progressively with each passing day.

The optimization of online store in the highly competitive niche is considered as one of the peaks in this field, because demands serious knowledge, not only as concerns the choice of appropriate key words, but also in the optimization of the photo material, the providing of unique product information and individual optimization.

The optimization is divided in two main types – external (OnPage) and internal (OffPage). In the following rows we will make a brief summary of the main directions of both types, which the team of GCH Digital works on.

GCH Digital advertising agency have formed a team of gurus, who have long - term experience to set sites on leading positions even in the field of the most competitive branches in our country. The projects, realized by the agency could be found on the page “Portfolio” on the site. The creativity, the diversity and the creative thoughts of the team are in the base of the successfully realized projects and the positive references of the clients.

The choice to count on GCH Digital for optimization of a site is a window towards the immense world of the Internet space and safe step to the next level of the business development. GCH Digital is the first advertising agency in the country, which gives guarantees for successful results!