Видео заснемане и презентация

Video advertising – the method of site monetization in the future.

The video advertising and video presentation are one of the most powerful modern advertising tools. The Internet users spend most of their time, watching video clips and a professionally created video clip could provoke an avalanche interest and achieve many times better results than previously set goals.

For this reason the companies which are specialized in building of a complete marketing strategy, among other types of advertising, also use viral advertising – interesting and intrigue video clips, which evoke an emotional response, sharing and publishing on social networks, blogs and media, increasing with geometric progression.

The video presentations and viral clips on the Internet give many times better results in comparison with the print advertising or radio spots and are distinguished by being lower budget and much more precisely targeted.

We at GCH Digital advertising agency know how to build an effective advertising strategy, including video presentations, video clips and viral advertisings, in order to reach the maximal number of users and create emotionally bound with the advertised brand or product result. Our agency produces video clips, that we can also post on the biggest video sharing platforms – Vbox7 and Youtube, as well as standard PowerPoint presentations.

Our specialists are involved in the whole process of filming your video message – video capture, post- production, and audio services. The corporate video advertising could be broadcasted in a variety of online channels – websites, mobiles, tablets, smart TVs.

Our advertising agency offers complete packages for the most accurate positioning of your video message to the internet audience. We are confident about the efficiency of our work and the creative potential of our team, that’s why we will give you guarantees for a successful realization!

See also one of our professional video presentations, specially developed for Serbian Restaurant “Pri Miro”, Sofia