SpecheliMe.comGCH Digital advertising agency is the creator of the game “We are looking for your opinion,” featured in the gaming platform spechelime.com and specifically in its main subdomain – igra.spechelime.com.

The main goal of the game is to give a chance for development and promotion of small and medium sized businesses in the internet space, which do not have huge means of advertising. Thanks to our innovative idea, every user will get a chance to promote his/her favorite product on the web.

Igra.spechelime.com works entirely on the favor of the companies and users by not tolerating spamming, obscene comments, or providing of false data. Customers who do not meet the above conditions will not be allowed to participate in the game and their accounts will be deleted.

Here’s how each user has the opportunity to participate in the latest online game “Looking for Your Opinion”:

A user who is satisfied with a service, firm, store, agency or company in his/her or another city in the country can promote this service by providing it in the game “We are looking for your opinion”. The user must give a reasoned opinion why he likes this service and offers it in our game

The awesome functionalities of the site allow users to leave their comments under the suggestion of each service, to register through their Facebook accounts as well as share publications and suggestions on social netwoworks.

The site offers a rating system whereby the registered users (the registration is absolutely required for voting and offering a company) will be able to evaluate the relevant service. After the voting time on the respective topic expires, our team will count the opinions and will award prizes to those who have the most votes, as follows:

First place: Building a modern web site by our programmers for the respective service on customer’s personal demand

Second place: Free submission by the advertising agency of an internet advertisement selected by the client.

The game annual awards will be handed out at the beginning of 2017 .We wish success to all participants.