Изработка на уеб сайтDevelopment of a new Web site – every stage is important

When creating a brand new web site we are going through some important stages. The most important part of the process is the activities, related to the task and the structure of the site. This stage is the documentation of the web page and represents the description of everything which is necessary to be executed.

The site is carried out on “paper” – algorithms, modules, which will be used, technical parameters, structure, schemes, plans and sketches. This documentation doesn’t exist like stage of working process in the 70% of the digital agencies, but in reality is the most important step for the client as well as for the executer. On the base of this stage subsequently are formed the tasks regarding the separate specialties – web design, public part (front end), administrative part (back end)

Why choose development of site and online store from GCH Digital?

изработка на уебсайт

The web sites and online stores, which the agency works out, are known by innovative interface, responsive (adaptive) design, allowing for perfect view from mobile telephones, tablets, laptops and desktops, also as an opportunity for an easy managing of content by the user. Any site, developed by the agency is a real portal to the social networks, thanks to buttons for sharing, liking and publishing.

Taking into consideration the fact that most of the clients have not enough knowledge in order to form, publish and optimize the information on the site, GCH Digital includes as a part of the service “development of site” entire twenty-four-hour support, provided by our web designers and marketing experts.

The responsive design for its part becomes an increasingly preferred service, given the fact that the quest from smartphones and tablets has grown nearly to nearly 60% in the country to date. The adaptive design gives the option for an eased navigation and reading of the site through the different resolutions and sizes of the screens.

A very important factor for the development of every site is its internal optimization for the search engines, which it will be easily found through thanks to keywords set by us or the client. Every site developed by GCH Digital is in accordance with the innovations in the sphere of the SEO optimization and endorsed in a way to support Google’s SERP rankings.

The other main advantage of the web sites, developed by GCH Digital advertising Agency is the opportunity to work with Systems for management of the content (CMS systems), also as for custom design by our web specialists. The designers of the agency are building sites, based on all the types of ready systems for management – Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Mambo, WordPress etc. depending on the personal requirements of the client and the purpose of the site.

GCH Digital is a combination of conceptual, creative and modern artists in the domain of the web services, who implement into the development of the sites interactive modules and applications for the best possible functionality. Our web designers use all the languages of programing – HTML, CSS, Ajax, Java, PHP etc. which the forming of every task, demanded by the client, would be executed with, without problems and in short-terms.

To every site, developed by GCH Digital, could be added unlimited number of applications, additions and modules like galleries, sliders with photos and text material, page for contact information, tables, schemes, diagrams, and map with address. The sites, worked out by the agency, have hosting and domain included for one year, also as twenty – four-hours support and resolving of emerged problems by our team.

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Consultation and planning of the project

Before stepping forward to the development of the web site by GCH Digital, the most important thing is the preliminary planning and clarification of the client’s tasks. The agency team offers own point of view to the development of the sites, but is the client who finally decides as concerns the submitting of ideas, propositions, and graphic layout.

It’s necessary the process of planning and the specification of the details concerning the development to be consistent with the niche, which is situated in and the aims the client wants to achieve. Before the launching of the site into the online space, our team makes obligatory tests for the functionality and eventual problems, occurred into the process of developing.

Qualified training by the GCH Digital team

The web designers and the marketing specialists of the advertising agency offer training hours for clients, who want to support themselves their own site – to write information and add products, photos or videos in the online store. The users, who want to take advantage of the service, will get the necessary knowledge in writing and editing articles for different types of sites would be able to edit and add photos, also as to add or rearrange pages, categories and menus.

Thanks to the useful advices of the GCH Digital specialists, the clients will be able to choose alone the most appropriate information, related to the branch, which the site is aimed at. The training will allow each user to build an overall image of the future development of their project.