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Developing a web site is now easy and fast with GCH Digital services. You specify only basic directions and everything else is our concern.
Each website is a complex system, but for our clients, developing a site is extremely easy, because each stage is worked out and tested many times: structure building, web design, and programming, server installation, writing unique content, testing, and technical support

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See references from satisfied customers, who had used the GCH Digital advertising agency's web services.
""GCH Digital is the advertising agency that changed my business and brought it to new heights. I own a woodworking business and after the company's website has been developed by the agency and its subsequent optimization, the customer influx has increased many times. "
"I will always mention the name of the advertising agency with good feelings after I have developed a successful bridal business thanks to GCH Digital. I decided to trust them because they showed me a serious portfolio of successful SEO projects and SEO optimization and I'm not sorry for my choice. "
"I have assured myself that this agency is working with proven web services professionals after using their qualities to rewrite text content on my site. The texts were perfectly written, and site visits rose sharply after Google indexed content”.
"The effectiveness of the PR campaigns conducted by GCH Digital is just amazing! I was not thinking I could increase in such a significant way my position on the Internet and my client flow. My company's brand is now recognizable in online environments with the help of GCH Digital. "

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  • спинор българия

    Виж повече

    GCH Digital is the official importer of Spinor brand products, which support purposive actions to combat the harmful effects of modern technologies on human health. The main goal is to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle, and for this purpose GCH Digital has focused its efforts on mutual work in the healthcare sphere with professionals from around the world.

    Types of products:

    – sticker “Spinor: – protection against the negative influence of the mobiles

    – device “Vernada Geo” – tool for neutralization of the Wi-Fi radiation

    – device “Forpost -1” – tool for protection against the electromagnetic radiations. is an online store for innovative technologies in order to improve living standard  

  • представлява онлайн медиа за бизнес и реклама с развиваща се мрежа от тематични поддомейни

    The information portal summarizes excellently positioned in the Internet search engines sites with different targeting. Each of the thematic subdomains attracts strictly targeted users, thanks to the unique and constantly upgrading content.

    Project opportunities:

    • Up-to-date information from the world of business and finance
    • Advertising PR articles
    • Marking companies on the map with their location and locating of users in order to find the closest objects to them is an online media for business and advertising with a growing network of thematic subdomains 

  • новините днес


    The news site provides its readers with all the latest and most interesting news from the world of politics, economics, sports, technologies, culture and show business around the world and in the country. The site allows its users to submit their own materials on a chosen by them topic.

    Project opportunities:

    • Constantly updating current and interesting information
    • Readers can submit their own articles and materials
    • A lot of useful links for users news site provides its readers with all the latest and most interesting news  

  • е онлайн бизнес каталог,

    виж повече is an online business catalogue that presents companies, cooperatives, exchanges, doctors, institutions and societies differently in online environments. The catalogue provides an individual ad for each company with unique content, location, contacts, and customer feedback form.

    Project opportunities:

    • Unique company presentation
    • Customer feedback form  the business catalogue that develops small and medium-sized businesses 
  • Реклама на клик от Biz-ads

    Click-through ads from Biz-ads – the most effective web presentation. The ad network unite about 5,000 Bulgarian sites with over 1,000,000 daily visits to reach your ad to a maximum of strictly targeted users. Biz-Ads is distinguished with easy management of the budget and minimization of your online advertising costs.

    Project opportunities:

    • Low cost per click
    • High efficiency

     Biz-Ads – a highly-targeted next-generation click advertising network 

  • фирми от малкия и средния бизнес към популяризиране в онлайн

    The game “We are looking for your opinion” – a springboard for small and medium-sized businesses to be promoted online. The game provides users with the opportunity to offer their favorite service in their location and thus give them a chance to win big prizes from the GCH Digital advertising agency.

    Project opportunities:

    • Big prizes for companies
    • Advertising on the Internet
     „Търсим вашето мнение“ – the game in which users make an ad to their favorite company! 
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